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    Enlist all products, 80% of total sales per manufaturer

    Patrick Weber

      Hi everyone. I have an issue:

      Let's say we have  sales, manufacturer, products and sales date together in a table.


      Now we are able to find sales per manufacturer of a certain year or for several years.


      How I'm able to entlist products for each manufaturer which contribute nearly 80% of sales per manufacturer?


      I attached a screenshot: In this case you can see that ProdA,B and E are 80% of total sales for the manufacturer "Good Things".

      Now we only want to see the yellow marked lines.



      Is there an easy way if you have a bunch of manufacturer and products?


      Thanks for any hints.

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          David Maning



          There is a miss of logic in your statement.


          a - 5

          b - 1

          c - 1

          d - 1

          e - 1

          f - 1


          So how do you choose groups to determine 80%?


          However in someway in is still possible.



          IF RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Sales]) / TOTAL(SUM([Sales]))) <= 0.8

          THEN 'Show'



          You can sort your dimension according to metric in descending order.


          Example is in the attachment.


          Trust this helps.


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            Mahfooj Khan



            This is called Pareto chart

            • Drag Product field in columns shelf

            • Drag sales measure in rows shelf

            • Sort the products in descending order based on sales measure

            • Now apply quick table calculations

                Primary calculation type: Running total

                Secondary calculation type: Percent of total

            Once done then create a calculated field to highlight the products met the 80% of total sales target or you can use constant reference line like this


            80% of Total Sales:

            RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Sales])) / TOTAL(SUM([Sales]))>0.8

            Finally you'll get something like this.

            Let us know if this help. Workbook v10.5 attached for reference.



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