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    Filter & Parameter Issue

    Diego Parker

      Hi, I'm creating my first viz and I came across a problem I haven't been able to solve.


      I'm trying to use a map as filter, so when you select a region it displays the information of that region. So far I have been able to do this but I had to create a parameter that allows me to change the "(All)" selection in the filter for a custom one called "London". My problem is that now I can't seem to be able to make both of them work together. I attaching some pictures for better understanding.


      1) Created Parameter for London


      2) Created filter for the parameter


      3) Now I'm trying to connect both of them. The idea is that when I select on a borough, it changes the text to the name of that Borough and if there are non selected, it should say London


      Ethnicities 2.jpg


      I really hope somebody has a solution for this. Thank you very much in advance and the help is very appreciated! I'm attaching the workbook in case.