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    Newbie Highlight problem

    Diego Parker

      Hi! I am creating my first Viz and I came across a problem I haven't been able to figure it out. I am trying to create an action to highlight/select a point in the line chart (2) when I change the corresponding year (1). I hope someone can help me out.


      I hope the image is self-explanatory.


      1) How I would like it to be:




      2) How currently is:




      I'm attaching the workbook in case.


      Thank you soooo much! very appreciated!

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          Soham Wadekar

          Hi Diego,


          Welcome to Tableau!!


          You wont be able to apply the same filter as a highlighter and filter both and vice-versa.  You can either create a highlighter or a filter out of a single field.


          Coming back to your question- the quick filter for year cannot be controlled through dashboard actions. You can create a worksheet with years laid on it- something like this

          and then using highlight action control the trend line.


          I hope this didnt confuse you. Let me know if this helps.



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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Diego,


            This required a minor rewrite - I converted your quickfilter into a parameter and then replaced it in your year sheet, and the trend sheet






            HTH 18.2 attached



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              Diego Parker

              Hey Peter!


              Thank you so much for your answer. This works very well! However, I noticed that whilst now the year filter works well with the lime chart, it stopped working for the rest. I tried moving things around but can´t seem able to make it work properly again.

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                Peter Fakan

                Hi Diego,


                Yes that would be correct, I only set the parameter values for the items that you had the problem with. The challenge now is for you able to replicate this logic





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                  Diego Parker

                  Hey Peter! I really tried to solve it but when I use the worksheet year filter in other sheets, the filter on the other sheets change but does not automatically select the corresponding year.


                  1) This is how it should look



                  2) But then if I select another year in the "Year" worksheet (in this case 2016), it shows the parameter like this. So the only problem is that is not automatically selecting the right value.

                  Not Wrking.png


                  Sorry for keep bothering. Thank you so much, I've learnt loads!