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    Sheet Swapping for drilldown actions

    Natalia Lebedev



      We need help implementing sheet swapping for drilldown actions. We have five charts with different data sources that have five drilldowns using actions. Different filters/fields are being used to pass parameters to the drilldowns. Since every chart can be clicked, all five drilldowns can appear underneath each other and user has no idea where it's coming from. We've been given task to have just one drilldown to show from the latest selection. But we are not able to implement it. Image and Tableau workbook are attached. Thanks!

      Payoff Activity.jpg

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          Joe Oppelt

          (Note to self:  V 10.5 here)


          I see the problem here.


          You have this set up right, wherein you have the 5 drilldowns in one container.  And if the user selects one chart, and then clears the selection before selecting another, all works OK.  But if the user selects Texas and does NOT clear, and then clicks in a pie chart, BOTH the drilldowns display.


          If all 5 drilldowns were from different data sources, I think I can make a way for drilldown-1 to clear when drilldown-2 displays.  But the three pie charts are all from the same data source (and their drilldowns.)  Before I invest time in trying to hack that up, will the actual application have 5 data sources?

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            Natalia Lebedev

            Yes, that's what we have and don't plan to change.

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              Joe Oppelt

              It's going to take a bit of a hack.


              I'm using a technique I figured out a while ago to pop out different stuff based on what sheet the user clicked.  A sample workbook of that is attached.  (It's some old version.  Maybe 8.2.)  In dashboards 2 and 5 I pop out something (in these cases, a text box) depending on what sheet was clicked.


              It relies on a separate data source (in the case of what I modified in your workbook, a 5-row excel sheet, also attached.)


              I also demonstrated something similar for someone in this thread:


              Overlapping worksheets in a dashboard


              So in your workbook I made a copy of your dashboard.  I moved stuff around just for my own convenience.  You're good at dashboard design and manipulation so I know you'll be able to figure out how to position all the components I've added to your dashboard copy.


              I made two pop-out sheets based on the simple.xls file.  One activates when "a" is passed to it.  The other activates when "b" is passed to it.  You'll make 3 more to do the same for your other sheets.  I made two additional actions "Pop out Map" and "Pop out Investor".  The actions on each of your 5 sheets will pass the value to all 5 pop-out sheets.  This will activate only one pop-out sheet at a time, and reset whatever existing pop-out might currently be popped out.


              I made a giant container on Payoff Activity(2).  I have only 3 of the drill down sheets in it now.  Each is sized with a fixed height of 200.  (You can modify that, of course, and redo the math to make the positioning work as you need it.)  It's convenient to have all of them the same size, but not required.


              Just a little side note:  Right now on dashboard (2) I have covered what I don't want to see with an opaque blank object.  On dashboard (3) I removed the blank so you can see how all this operates.


              Click on Texas.  The "a" pop out displays and pushes the stack of sheets downward.    the "a" sheet is also 200 pixels tall, but it's NOT fixed in height.  This allows the stack of fixed-height sheets to shift up and down in the container.  Likewise, the "b" pop-out sheet will push the stack down, only it's 400 pixels when it displays.  That pushes down two "chunks" of sheets.  The Map drilldown passes down beyond the boundaries of the dashboard, so the user doesn't see it, and the Investor drilldown moves into the viewing area.


              Now here's the trick.  the action on Texas passes "a" to both pop-out sheets, but the Investor Pop-out is filtered to display "b".  If it was displayed when the user clicked Texas, the "b" sheet clears, and the "a" sheet displays.  And vice versa.  Click back and forth and see how it goes.


              You will make a "c" sheet that's 600 pixels, and a "d" sheet that's 800 pixels, etc.  Only one of the pop-outs will display, and it will push the appropriate drilldown sheet into view.


              Once you're done you will end up with a container that is GIANT long.  As you see, stuff that passes below the bottom boundary of the dashboard won't display, and you can give a start position for the container that has a negative y-coordinate to handle whatever positioning you need to get the appropriate drilldown into the viewing area.  And you'll float all this behind stuff so that only the viewing area itself is exposed.


              Yes, it's tedious.  But it works.  It gets you around the cases where the user clicks one top-level sheet and then another without clearing the first selection.  Tableau holds onto those selections for deliberate reasons.  We're just simulating a different behavior this way to accommodate Tableau's way of doing things.


              See Sample Report B attached.

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                Joe Oppelt

                By the way, whether or not your actual drilldown sheets clear when the selection is cleared is immaterial now.  the whole sheet moves out of view when deselected, so it can remain populated or not and the user experience is the same.

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                  Natalia Lebedev

                  Thanks Joe! Looks like pretty advanced staff to me. We will try to implement it. It might take a few days for us.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Natalia -- Just reply back to this thread with questions.  I'm sure there are things I did as a matter of routine for me because I've been doing stuff like this for a while,  but it will trip you up because it's some obscure factor in making it work.    I tried to cover a lot of them in my write up, but there will be things, I'm sure.


                    Glad to help out.

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                      Natalia Lebedev



                      I was playing with you file, PayoffActivity 3 dashboard, and noticed that if I click Investor chart first and then Texas, both drilldowns appear. Looks like something is still missing... We need to see only one - from Texas.

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                        Joe Oppelt

                        Dashboard 3 has the masking blank object removed.


                        Your final behavior will be more like dashboard2.  The detail sheet in question will always appear in a certain location.  (Right now I have it set so that it appears way at the bottom of the dashboard.)  When you click the map, the map detail shows down there.  (And the investor sheet will be masked by whatever you are hiding it behind.  For demonstration purposes here, I am hiding it behind a blank object that I colored white.  So even if the investor detail is populated, it won't show if it is masked.  It remains populated because Tableau doesn't "let go of" the selection on Investor.  That's how Tableau works.  So that's why you have to hide all this behind something, and "push" the right detail sheet into view.