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    Bad TTC Packet Detected: Inbound connection from client (Tableau->Oracle)

    Chandan Ojha

      Hello Folks,

      We have upgraded Our Oracle data source from 12.1 to 12.2, Post upgrade we are getting "Bad TTC Packet Detected: Inbound connection from client" at Oracle DB alert log.

      Above alert is found in database alert log  when schedule extract is running from Tableau. There isn't any issue in connecting to database and Even extract is completed.


      The only concern is we are not sure about this issue and why it appears So Can we ignore this alert and if yes will there be any impact in future.


      Please let us know if anyone has encountered such issue and able to fix it.


      Tableau case -

      Tableau server version - 10.3.3

      Latest Oracle driver is installed on server.

      Database version - 12.2





      =========================Please check below for more details from Tableau and Oracle support==================================================================



      Tableau support - "Oracle should be able to provide the fix, Since given driver would work with any version of Oracle DB starting 11G"


      Oracle support - "


      It is found that the OCI program was setting 'maxarr_len'
      to 1 ('args.numRec') in the call to 'OCIBindByPos'.


      Error is resolved after changing it to 0. Example:

      status = OCIBindByPos(stmt,



      i + 1,

      1. args.params[i].data,






      'args.numRec' used to return 1 and was replaced with 0.






      Please note that we don't know the exact filename and the
      location because the function OCIBindByPos is called through the application
      [specific] code. "



      Thanks in Advance.