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    Calculations within a dimension

    Diego Parker

      Hi! I am new to Tableau and I have been trying to sort out this issue for a while. I looked for similar issues in the forum and I was able to do some progress but then I got stuck again.


      Situation: I have a dimension that includes more than 10 different ethnicities of England, which I grouped into five: White British & Irish, Other White, Mixed/Other, Asian, Black. I have been trying to calculate the proportion between the last four categories and the total of the population.


      1) I created different calculations for each group: IF [Ethnicity(groups)] = "Asian" then [Totals Pivot Table] END  I did this for each group.

      2) The problem is when I create the calculated field: Asian Total+Black Total+Other White Total+Mixed/Other Total (this would be later called "Total BME") this calculation turns up null and therefore I can't use it when I try to do Total BME/Totals Pivot Table


      Well, I guess will be better if you have a look at it. I called the calculation that is not working as "NOT WRKNG". Would be great if I can get some guidance.


      Thank you so much in advance, really appreciate the help!