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    LOD - Sum of Avg(monthly value)

    alexandra price

      Hi Guys,


      I have a data set in which in below format                                                                                                            so the average of each seems correct in first step


      Month aggregate level :

      The dataset has lots of duplicated records (the Value is same for the same year same month), because of this , i can't  sum the value by sum(Value), instead of sum , i use Avg )




      Year aggregate level

      So now come to aggregate Yearly level where


      Somehow i would like to create a calculated field where it Sums the average of Month  by Year, for example,  it sums the monthly avg Value, in this case, 100,200,300.....1200 and result 7800.


      Wanted Result



      My Attemp fail :


      Any Idea what i should do , please