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    Sum and If calculation

    Adam Payne

      Despite my best efforts, what should be a simple summation is stumping me. Here is my criteria in Tableau:


      sum(if [Close Date]>=#2018-01-01#

      and [Donation Record Type]='012o0000000Ik8TAAS'

      and [Stage] <> 'Closed Lost'

      and [Stage] <> 'Closed Won'

      and [Stage] <> 'Withdrawn'

      and [Amount] < 10000

      Then 1

      Else 0



      Here is, what should be, the exact same criteria in SF:


      Close Date greater or equal 1/1/2018
      AND Donation Record Type equals Cultivated Gift
      AND Stage not equal to closed lost
      AND Stage not equal to closed won
      AND Stage equals withdrawn
      AND Amount less than "10,000"


      However, in Tableau it's calculating over 65,000 records but SF is showing 21 records. SF is right, Tableau is not, and I can't figure out where my error is in Tableau.

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