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    Count Number of Days

    Jeff Grant

      Hi - Newbie here. attached is a subset of a workbook with max and min temperatures from central park nyc from 1869-2017.


      I have 3 date ranges I'd like to explore:

      1/1/1967 - 12/31/2017

      1/1/1916 - 12/31/1966

      1/1/1869 - 12/31/1965


      On the same sheet I'd like to show the number of days (Count) where the Max Temp exceeded 90 degrees for the 3 date ranges in a bar chart (3 bars).

      I've messed with a number of ways but still being green, i can't figure out the combination of parameters or calculated fields.


      Looking for some help.

      Thanks in advance

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          Jim Dehner

          hi Jeff

          see the attached


          first welcome to tableau and thanks for including your workbook

          a word about filters - they to just that - filter data out of the viz - so trying to apply a slider to look at date ranges is not going to work


          I read your post several times and assumed that you really wanted 3 consecutive dates - if you really wanted overlapping dates that will make the solution must more complex

          but  this creates 3 groups

          and this will place a counter on max tem >90 (note this could be a parameter to select a date)



          and this is the viz





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            Simon Runc

            hi Jeff,


            As your date ranges overlap...I think we need create separate measures for  each date range and temp > 90.


            Btw I've had coded the date ranged, before realizing they were full years, so use Jim's YEAR method instead!


            So I created True/False for each Date Range


            [Date Range 1/1/1869 - 12/31/1965]

            [Date] >= #01/01/1869# AND

            [Date] <= #12/31/1965#


            I then used these to create a field which only contains dates, within each date range, where the Max was over 90.


            [Max Temp > 90 1869-1965]

            COUNTD(IF [Date Range 1/1/1869 - 12/31/1965] AND

            [Max Temp] > 90 THEN [Date] END)


            and then used measure names/values to plot each of them on the same chart,


            Hope that makes sense and helps,

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              Jeff Grant

              thanks for your help. You nailed it. I wanted three data ranges and the ability to count based on a certain threshold.


              Thanks again.