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    WoW Δ for last two week end dates

    ShivaRam Chennapragada



      I need some help with this particular calculation, I have 6 weeks worth of data broken down by a "Week End Date" calc field. I am basically looking at what % of "Total Transactions" are of "Y type". For this I have a calc field - "Ratio". Now when I flip this to a Table Calc > difference from. It gives me the variance wrt prior week. What I actually want is the change in this ratio for just last two "week end dates", and ranked by this change in Descending order.


      Attached workbook (2018.1) and spreadsheet with more information, I'd be grateful if you can point me to any related references.




      I have tried few things but nothing seem to work and I really need help with this. Let me know if my explanation wasn't clear enough. Desperately mentioning,


      Thank you,



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