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    Wanting a filter to be INCLUDED in one sheet and EXCLUDED in another

    Scott Reida

      I am making a fantasy football cheat dashboard (who isn't) and want to have two filters on the right that are essentially gathering lists of who is taken by me (one filter located in the upper-right) and taken by anyone else (second filter located in the lower-right).  I'd like to then remove them (combination of all selections from those two filters) from the available table of players (which is on the left in the dashboard).  The dashboard in question is located here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/scottreida#!/vizhome/FFinsightsDraftDash/DraftAssistant2?publish=yeshttps://public.tableau.com/profile/scottreida#!/vizhome/FFinsightsDraftDash/DraftAssistant2?publish=yes


      I did a search on this forum and found something pretty spot on to what I'm trying to do here: https://community.tableau.com/message/262521#262521


      I tried to do a similar action with the two filters and it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all...the failed actions are shown in the image below.

      failed action.JPG


      The desired state for what I have done with filters should result in the image below (I just used exclude within the browser on these first few (~14 rows) to get them to go away):


      goal view tableau.JPG

      Help is greatly appreciated.


      Best wishes,


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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Scott,


          I'm the author of the answers in the thread you linked to and I'm afraid that's a different situation... In that thread the goal was to have one origin and two targets where one target was the included list and the other the excluded list.


          In your case you're wanting selections in the active roster & taken players to both be treated as origins with the single target of the available players. The way Tableau's actions are designed is based on the target dimension(s)...if the target dimension is the same for two different origin sheets (whether using one action or two) then the dimension filter is overriden by the most recent selection. This makes self-iterative interactivity with filter actions extremely difficult to generate. Also filter actions are triggered by clicking on marks, whereas in the view you provided the goal is to use quick filters to make the player selections and unfortunately quick filters don't trigger mark selection.


          Between those two factors I'm not sure there's any way to get the desired behavior using Tableau's built-in functionality. There's at least one hacky way using Tableau data blends, and of course there's always doing something with the JavaScript API (and potentially with the new Extensions API in 2018.2).