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    Carrying over title dimension reference across dashboards

    Jenna Dulchinos

      Hi all,


      I am working with the attached 10.5 workbook. I have it set up so when you are in the Main Dashboard and click on one of the CSLT Owner chart circles, you are brought to the "CSLT Dashboard - All" where you see all projects by the CSLT circle you clicked on. Here we see the title is based on which circle you clicked on. When on this second dashboard, you can click the buttons at the top to view only committed/emerging/archived projects which brings you to a new dashboard. I want the title to carry over when you click on say emerging projects, the title of this next third dashboard (CSLT Projects - Emerging) will still include the name of the CSLT which you originally clicked on back in the main dashboard. When I edit the title to include the CSLT dimension, the name does not carry over because you are clicking from a new dashboard and not the main dashboard where the chart is.


      Any thoughts on how to make the name depend on the circle you choose? Thank you in advance!