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    Suppress small n's using both Parameter and LOD

    Elisabeth Cronin

      Hi all,


      I am trying to modify a dashboard of categorical survey responses by suppressing responses of less than 5 within a category and across the range of response options. This dashboard includes a view selector, which breaks down the responses by gender, faculty rank, etc., and I need it to suppress values of less than five across both the parameter value (e.g., "Female") as well as across the response scale (e.g., total of Yes/No/Maybe < 5).


      I am using a parameter as a sheet selector and currently am trying to use the INCLUDE LOD expression to make this work, in addition to the solution found here using IIF to do the suppression part of it:Protecting data - How to hide cell values less than 5


      Unfortunately, the suppression is not occurring across the response scale (Yes/No/Maybe), but it is occurring across the parameter values (Female).

      So as an example, if I have 20 Yes's but 2 No's, the No's are being hidden -- but there are 22 total responses across Female which means none should be hidden.


      Workbook with fake data and my attempted calculations attached.


      Thanks in advance for your help!