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    Not all data displaying using linked date

    Peter Habershon

      Hi there,


      I have 2 tables in Access Database; 1) Max Velocity 2) Predicted 1 Rep Max.


      Every entry in the database has a date but the dates do not match on all occasions. To get around this I have created a field which is 'week commencing' as I am only interested in seeing max velocity and/or max strength for each week of a season. However, the graphs I have created only display data when there is an entry for both strength and velocity in the same week. The result is only 9 data points, but there should be 100's dating from 2014. I have attached a mock dataset for 1 person. I will have data for 20+ people though.


      In summary - I need to display the data points for every week commencing even if one variable does not have a value.


      Thanks for your help in advance.