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    if statement question

    jon rios

      based on my assumptions of Tableau calc, i assume that this column in red should all be True, correct?  if not, why not. and so what exression would make this True?

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          Naveen B

          Hi Jon,


          Try trim(segmentlabel1)="Now 2 CPD" may be due to trailing spaces it may causing the issue


          Try and let me know or lets is it possible to attach workbook with fake data so that it will be easy to help


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            jon rios

            hi Naveen


            i tried but still get False. i created a Trim([SegmentLabel1]), which should return the labels name but trimmed, correct?


            it returns an #Error  but i cant dig deeper to what it is... any toughts? does this 'remote type' have any issues?  BTW, the data is coming from an Extract on tabl Server