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    How to find the Average ignoring Week End data also how to hide the parameter


      Hi All,

      I have two questions in my workbook.


      First Question:

      I want to display Actual Vs Average Value when we select the Date Parameter and the period.

      How ever, the average should be excluding the Week end Values.

      For example in attached workbook, when We select 5/7/2017 i.e. sunday, we need to display actual value  for 5/7 and  average will be excluding sunday and saturday.

      What ever date we select, Average value should be excluding weekends and actual will be displayed all the time.

      When We display the numbers in view, Order date will not be displayed in the view (need to have LOD INCLUDE).

      Similarly , when we select Period as week or month , it should display actual and then average value for month or week(excluding weekend).

      I am unable to get all of these together.


      Second Question:

      I have two parameters . Date Selection and Select Period.

      When We select Period, Yesterday, Date Selection Parameter should be hidden. When Select Period Parameter <> 'yesterday' then show Date selection Parameter.

      Can we do this in tableau?



      Any Help is Appreciated!