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    Getting Rid of Hours and Minutes in Relative Date filter?

    Sneha Darsi


      Is there a way to get rid of the hours and minutes section in the relative date filter? So that it will show like the one below? Also, is there a way to get rid of showing the "Next" part? As in only show "This" and "Previous" for Year, Quarter, Months, Weeks, and Days? Thanks you so much!

      Update: So I figured out how to get rid of hours and minutes. I switched the data type of my dimension to just date, which got it to look like below. It didn't seem to work on the actual data for some reason, but at least I know how to do that part. However, I'm still stuck trying to figure out if there is a way to get rid of the "Next" section. There is no need for that as clicking on Next Month or Next Week just produces a blank screen. Any help on this part is appreciated!

      Update 2: So I just found the same question I have here: How to remove options for hours and minutes from 'relative date' filter and it was suggested to check only relevant values to get rid of the "Next", but there is no option to check that using the relative filter. It only seems to be an option when you use other data filters. Is there any way to get that check box using relative date or anything else I can try? Thank you


      See the source image