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    Publish Workbook to Tableau Server dialog

    Chris Whitehead

      I had a situation the other day when republishing an existing workbook to Tableau server. I'd previously set a refresh schedule and had Show sheets as tabs selected. When I published by selecting the project and the name to overwrite, the settings reverted to no Refresh Schedule and the Show sheets as tabs box was unchecked.


      My feeling is once I set this I shouldn't have to continually monitor to ensure they stay the same each time I republish a viz.


      My understanding is that Tableau looks at the file name on the server to determine if it will use the default setting or not. So when you publish from Desktop it responds as follows:


      1 - new viz == default settings

      2 - replacing existing file == page selections already in the server file

      3 - republishing workbook with new name == defaults when the new name is typed.


      In my case, it should have been #2 and used the settings I'd already selected. Am I misunderstanding how this works, is this a bug, or is this a UX issue?


      Any insight appreciated.