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        khalida nihal

        Hello All,


        I have a similar problem and none of the above suggestions seemed to work.


        I am printing my report in an A3 sheet. I am using custom size in tableau to fit in all my reports in the dashboard.


        Post printing in A3, there are a few inches space left at the bottom of the sheet which I want to get rid of.


        Could anyone please help me out with this Issue. Thanks In Advance.

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          Irfan Hashmi

          This was the best answer in my opinion. Thank you.

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          • 17. Re: pdf fit to page
            Hang Ngo

            This is a simple trick and it works just perfectly. I wonder why such a simple thing as fit a dashboard to a normal paper size to print is still so NOT obvious to configure in Tableau. I wasted hours agonizing over this. Everyone keeps saying Tableau is for view on a computer, but not everyone has access to Tableau, and there're so many people who still need to share reports via pdf or simply print on papers. This should be made easier to figure out, or a formal instruction in product FAQ.

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