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    Add labels as a % of month to stacked bar chart


      I'm having an issue changing a label from a whole number to a percent in a stacked bar chart (please see the attached file).


      If you take a look at the data source you can see that there are 10 rows of data (5 for each month).

      Id = 1 appears twice during Jan 2018. I bring this up because the data set that this is based off is structured in the same way.


      I would like to change the whole numbers for the labels on sheet 1 to percentages.

      With that change January 2018 should have the blue part = 75% and the orange part = 25%.

      February 2018 should have the blue part = 40% and the orange part = 60%.


      I attempted to make this change on Sheet 2 but ran into the following error "Cannot find a total needed to compute a percentage. The database may have changed or a calculation cannot be compiled. Try refreshing your connection or editing the calculation."


      Help resolving this problem would really be appreciated.