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    How to create a rolling date range between 90-180 days

    Kevin Cox

      Hi everyone,


      Full Disclosure I am a novice when it comes to SQL/Tableau so please forgive me,


      I have been looking at a number of articles however I have not been able to find anything to help me so any help is greatly appreciated.

      I am looking at creating a workbook that will show "average days between" two date inputs "[CreatedOnAEST] - [Fully Paid On Date]" however we want to filter by [Fully PAid On Date] between 90-180 days to ensure customers have enough time to complete their invoices.


      I can use Tableau to create "range of date" filter however it does not "roll" and update automatically.


      Calculated Fields used to create average days


      "DATEDIFF('day',[CreatedOnAEST],[Fully Paid On Date])"


      Could anyone help me create a calculated field to filter the above by [Fully Paid on Date] 90-180 days?