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    Sum daily max values and graph


      I am new to tableau and having trouble plotting a line depicting a daily aggregation of a group of (devices) max values.  From my research thus far, I believ the solution would be using the table calculation  but data returned is the max of a single device (dimension).  My erroneous formula is [TOTAL(MAX([Load]]))].  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



      The desired data can be shown in a text table thru "Analysis" and showing row totals when set up accordingly.  

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          Welcome to the Forum.


          I may not have full caught the gist, but I think there are ways

          to calculate it by table calculations or by level of detail calcs.


          In the workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum thread,

          I used the Superstote Dateset as an example.

          I have days along the x axis, and sales along the y axis.

          For each day, there is a dimension ([Segment]) with three possible values

          and then there are multiple values within each Segment.


          What I understood the goal to be was to look at each Segment,

          find its max value, then for a given day sum up all the max values.


          By table calculations

          [TC Max per Segment]:

          IF FIRST()=0     // because of multiple rows per segment, need only the first one

          THEN WINDOW_MAX(SUM([Sales]))



          [TC Sum Maxes]:

          WINDOW_SUM([TC Max Per Segment])


          By LOD

          [LOD Max per Segment]:

          { FIXED [Order Date (Days)],[Segment]:MAX(

          { FIXED [Order Date (Days)],[Segment],[Product Name]:SUM([Sales] ) } ) }


          [LOD Sum Maxes]:

          { FIXED [Order Date (Days)]:SUM([LOD Max Per Segment] ) }


          Of note, for the table calculation method with its need for all dimensions on a shelf,

          it became difficult to plot the sum of the maxes as a line.

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            PHIL STAIB

            Thank you for the response.  The example you went thru is really close, however, I could not modify or duplicate the results for my report.  Numbers were crazy high or giving calculation errors when I thought I was just replacing the appropriate fields and using your formulas.  Apologies, I know this should be easy, but I am struggling early with Tableau functions. 

            Attached is a screen shot (sorry, we are sticklers on the network security).  My totals are there thru the Analysis summation totals but I am looking to graph these values over time. 


            For example, I want to trend the following:

            1. select "category" filtered fields summed installed vs. load, trended over time - yellow highlight of attached

            2.  max device loads summed and trended by category - installed v load, trended over time - orange highlighted fields


            Much thanks for the assistance again....Image 5.png

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              PHIL STAIB

              All good.  Thanks for the direction Gantela!

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                Apologies for delayed response,

                Glad it helped.

                All the best.