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      • 30. Re: Tableau Technical Support is retiring email as a means to submit cases
        Matt Sharp

        Hi Angie,


        Can you help me with this case Case# 04034414: Azure SSO [Active] [ ref:_00D30XvE._5000d1JhreQ:ref ]. It is almost two week since we opened the ticket and there is not solution. There is not follow up or call back received. The las contact was David and he suppose to escalate the case to Online support team on Wednesday last week. I did not receive any messages or call back since last week. The support is unacceptable would you please help us for fixing it ASAP.



        My phone number is noted in the case I also called the phone support and left a voice message.



        • 31. Re: Tableau Technical Support is retiring email as a means to submit cases
          Toby Erkson

          Matt Sharp , I don't think Angie works at Tableau any more as there is no employee icon next to her name and her profile page is dead.  You may want to try contacting your Tableau sales/technical representative directly.  The level of support depends on the severity and the plan you have.  I've found contacting my sales rep. to be helpful so it's worth the try.


          As an FYI for everyone:

          These forums are predominantly volunteer-based by folks like you and I, people with paying jobs that come here to help others.  It's not part of Tableau Support and they don't hang out here.  What Angie did [in this thread] was not common.

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