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    Removing Duplicates

    chandrakanth k

      Hello All,


      I have two sheets in my data sources and from second sheet I need to get filters for SBG, SBU and LOB.

      I have connected two excel sheets with "Cocd DocNo" as unique ID and I used left join.


      I am unable to get the amount accurate because there are duplicates in "Cocd DocNo" column in both the sheets.

      I am unable to use "Amountinloccurr2" (Amount) which is available in Sheet 1 because I get values only for one system (SAP) the other System (Dolphin) dosent have values in sheet 2.


      View of tablea created with just Sheet 1 View of table created with sheet1 and sheet 2


      The amount is higher in sheet 2 compared to Sheet 1. Now I need Same amount as sheet 1 even when I connect the sheet 2 to create table.


      Please assist.