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    Tableau server data sources for Amazon EMR with Presto

    Vikram Rathi



         I am planning to setup tableau server for my work, I have completed setup using tableau server trial version. I wanted to know what are all the data sources available with licensed copy because when I am using tableau server trial version I can see only limited cloud based connectors. Only supported connectors on tableau server trial version are as follows


      • Amazon Aurora
      • Amazon Redshift
      • Denodo
      • EXASOL
      • Google Cloud SQL
      • HP Vertica
      • IBM DB2
      • MemSQL
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • MySQL
      • Pivotal GreenPlum Database
      • PostgresSQL
      • Snowflake

          My primary concern is are there any connectors available for Amazon EMR with Presto for connecting to cloud based data sources.