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    How do you refresh a Tableau Qualtrics connection?

    Monica Rysavy

      I have the Qualtrics/Tableau connector and have been struggling using it with Tableau. It initially works and pulls in data, but it never refreshes the data. I've added it as a Web connector, successfully brought in fields, etc...see data the first time, but then when I look at it later - same day, different day (with or without closing and opening Tableau again), the data doesn't refresh.


      Tableau states that web connectors aren't aren't a guaranteed thing - which I understand as it's 3rd party - and Qualtrics claims things are fine on their end.


      Are there any tips you can share for refreshing connections? I don't mind manually clicking something (though refresh connections doesn't seem to be working), but just don't know what to do. My next step is to cancel our Qualtrics Tableau connector and attempt to get my institution's money back. It's rather expensive to not be working.


      I really appreciate any advice you could share!

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          Naveen B

          Hi Monica,


          Is it the issue with Tableau Desktop refresh or tableau server refresh


          If it is at desktop Level :

          May be data is pulling it from your temp space better delete the extract and regenerate it once again


          Data --> extract --> remove and recreate it


          If it is at Tableau Server Level:


          The reason  would you wouldn't white list the WDC check the link how to white list WDC and how to make use of it in Server


          Check the below Images



          Check the below Link:

          Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server



          Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as helpful and correct so that it will help others




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            Monica Rysavy

            Thanks for your help. We have Tableau Online (not Tableau Server) and the web connector is via the "Qualtrics Tableau Connector" - use a URL generated by Qualtrics and login with an API code. I've tried adding and removing the connector several times. Each time the data refreshes, but it's not realistic to do this each and every time. Also, one workbook in particular, is connected to a few Qualtrics data sources so adding and removing those multiple times would be very time consuming.