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    Fiscal year change for Regions with YTD monthly running sum value

    kavi ram


      I ma facing an issue to achieve running sum value for YTD monthly for specific regions that should start the fiscal year July to Jun instead of Jan to Dec.

      Here the scenario,

      Running sum for all the region fiscal year start Jan to Dec and for the region West fiscal year star July to Jun. and i need to show 14 months trend.

      i am able to achieve this for all the regions jan to dec but for region west i need you help.


      Here the formula i am using for running sum - Jan to Dec,


      Select date Display = [Order Date] <= DATEADD('month', 1, [Month Selector])  = True

      Depth Month display = last()<=[Actual Depth Month]  = True

      Actual Depth Month value is = 13

      Below the image is for normal calendar fiscal year start Jan to Dec. So i need to do the same for July to June when i my region is West.


      Work book is attached for the reference.