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    Displaying Results in Dual Axis - Filtering on a measure

    Seb Kohle

      Dear Community,


      I am looking to build a dual axis area chart.


      I would like to be displaying on the x-axis the entire population of individual customers, with their corresponding 'scores' on the y-axis.


      Then I would like to make a dual axis chart with the same x-axis and y-axis, BUT! I would like to introduce a filter of 'scores' on the y-axis which ONLY affects the individual customers (x-axis) on the SECOND chart.


      Effectively, I would like to introduce an area chart with a grey area, and, based upon my 'scores' filter, a red area chart overlaying the 'base chart'.


      I have attempted to duplicate the data source and filter only on the measure 'scores' from one source; but the x-axis keeps fitting to filtered selection rather than displaying the entire population. A possible solution I found here but no bueno (Filtering on a Dual Axis Map )
      I have attached an image of what I am trying to achieve.