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    Tableau Environment Migration Steps

    Grant Bommer


      I am looking to publish a workbook to the server, from my local environment. A coworker gave me a brief list of steps and I am getting tripped up during the process. We have a live connection to a data source and it breaks often when we migrate over. I have listed the steps below, please let me know if there is a better way to do this or a more comprehensive list. Thanks

      1. Save the filename.twb as a new folder with a different filename.
      2. Open filename.twb from the new folder.
      3. Change the data visualization label to correspond to the new environment.
      4. Run the scripts in the new environment.
      5. Add a SQL Server data source with information from the new environment (It should have the same schema as the old one).
      6. Replace the old data source with the newly created data source.
      7. Set the different data types to their desired values and format (currency, date …)