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    Hide last data point

    Merritt Miller



      I was wondering how to use the LAST function to hide the last data point on a line graph? I am pulling data over time and the last month only includes half of july so the graph appears as if the line has just fallen off when really it is just the consequence of only having data for half of the month.





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          Jim Dehner

          Merritt you are asking 2 different questions


          the Last() function numbers the table from the bottom up (or from the right if used across the table)



          the second issue is a function of the data - if there is no data for the rest of the year what was you expectation - what did you want to see?



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            Donna Coles

            Hi Merritt


            I approach this issue by creating a calculated field along the lines of


            [Date] < DATETRUNC('month', TODAY())


            So if Today is 26th July 2018, this calc will return TRUE if the date field you're working with is before 1st July 2018.  Then add this to your filter shelf, setting option to true.