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    Why do I need three server license?

    Adeeba Ahmed



      I am new to Tableau Server. I have three server license keys for Tableau 2018.1, Explorer,Creator and Viewer. I do not understand why I would need three license keys. I can just use Tableau Creator Server license key to install Tableau server and create new users and assign them explorer (publisher or interactor) or viewer license right?

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Adeeba,


          Would be curious to find out the first two letters of each key.   For Tableau Server the correct key will start with TS.....    According to our EULA you are allowed one Production and two non-Production environments using just this one key.  If you have a key that starts with "TC...."   This key can be used for desktop users for both "Tableau Desktop" as well as "Tableau Prep". 

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            Adeeba Ahmed

            I have three keys that starts with TS.. one for each Explorer, Creator and Viewer. All of these are server license.. Why would I need three different type of server license?

            I have other licenses that starts with TC and those are for "desktop and Prep", which makes sense to me.

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              Mark McGhee

              Hi Adeeba,


              So it does turn out that you'll need each key applied to Tableau Server and these will "stack" so each one does in fact represent a different viewer level.   Prior to 2018.1 we didn't have these different roles, for Server folks typically either had a "Core license" or a user based "Interactor" license.

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                Brandon Babbitt

                +1 to Mark's reply.  You will need to activate all 3 of the licenses (Creator - Server, Explorer - Server, and Viewer - Server) so that Tableau Server can make use of all of the seats. If you only activate one of the keys you only get some of the seats.  Each license key activates a specific number of seats which can be assigned to users for that specific role (or lower).


                Example:  A customer may have purchased 10 creators, 20 explorers, and 100 viewers.
                + If they activate only the creator key, they will be able to assign 10 users any site role (creator, explorer, or viewer).  They would not be able to assign any site roles past 10 users because the creator license only authorizes 10 seats.
                + If they activate only the explorer key, they will be able to assign 20 users a site role of explorer or viewer. This key does not grant access to the creator role

                + If all 3 keys are activated, you will be able to assign a total of 130 users a site role, with a maximum of 10 creators.  You can use a higher license for a lesser role, so for example if you wanted to assign only 1 creator then you could assign 29 explorers since 9 of the creators could be used for the explorer role. This would use up all 30 of the creator/explorer seats combined.


                I hope this information helps to clarify.  If you need further assistance, let us know.

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                  Namrata Sawant

                  Hi Brandon,


                  I have a license key that allows for 300 Explorers. Can I use the same key for DEV and PROD Tableau Server environments? In other words, can I add 300 explorers in DEV and separate 300 explorers in PROD with the same license key?


                  Appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much.


                  Best Regards,

                  Namrata Sawant