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    SSO and Local Authentication setup issue

    Mark Hawkins

      We are running Tableau server 10.5.2 the initial setup is using local authentication, we had a business requirement to implement SSO for company users and local account for non company users. Our instance is hosted in Azure and so we chose to use SAML for SSO linked to Azure AD. If use no SAML then all users can login using local accounts, if we use SAML for server then SSO works but as our non company users are not part of our AD we are trying to implement site specific SAML to we can have an internal site and an external site. The internal site using SSO and external site using local account authentication.


      We have following the instruction on how to setup site specific SAML but we are stuck as once we implement the change the instruction say to login as a server administrator then go to the setting of the site and choose the authentication method, as our server admin is using SSO we put in the username but as not site have been set it does not allow us to login.


      So it is like you have to set a site authentication so you can login but you cannot login as no site have been set what the authentication method is, so how can we login to set the site authentication ?