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    Format numbers driven by Parameter

    jon rios

      hello, i have  a parameter with 8 drop down options, i have a calculated field that references each parameter and an individual calculation, some are whole numbers some are percentages...

      i cant find how to change the formatting of the numbers...  if i go to each individual calculations it doesnt take the new formatting.... i cant format the parameters calculated field since i have a mix of whole and %...  what am i missing? 



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          Bryce Larsen

          I believe the only way to dynamically do this is make a Label field. You'd need to then convert each to a string such as:


          CASE [Parameter]

               WHEN [Integer Metric]            THEN STR(INT([Metric Value]))

               WHEN [Percentage Metric]     THEN STR(ROUND([Metric Value]*100,2)) + "%"



          then drag this onto the label shelf. I've attached a twbx to demonstrate:





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            jon rios

            thanks Bryce, worst case i can try your trick... BUT, i developed the calculations in another WB and formatted each calculation individually and in that WB it works fine (charts show values formatted exactly how i decided)...

            i copied the formulas to a different wb, everything works (change parameter, correct calculated fields populates) EXCEPT the number formats. i can check each individual format and it contains the same as i originally choose, BUT doesnt reflect in this new wb....


            i feel some other area is guiding the chart formats.... any thoughts.  again ill use your method if i cant figure this out...