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    How we can create Dynamic Group

    Harsha Reddy

      Hi All,


      I have a Data that has rows with Supplier names and to amounts spent per month with that Supplier.


      For instance I have Raw Data Like :


      (Row 1) = Megan services   $ 500

      (Row 2) = MOP Services         $ 480

      (Row 3) = Megan Co Services  $ 460

      (Row 4) = MOP info Services      $800

      (Row 5) = Megan services IND  $4,000

      (Row 6) = Rosy Info Services $600



      The result would look like this:

      (Row 1) = Megan services   $4,960

      (Row 2) = MOP Services         $1280

      (Row 3) = Rosy Info Services      $600


      By Grouping we can achieve above one.


      But Problem is Data will refresh Weekly basis, So in original data might be add new row like "Megan Info Services $700",so Now Megan Services should show $4960+700=$1160.

      Which means whenever new row added in data with new name should be automatically update with existing group.

      For that need to create any calculated field ?

      Is possible in tableau ?





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          Naveen B

          Hi Harsha,


          I have taken sample data Set as you mentioned



          Use the below calculation




          New supplier got added

          after refreshing the data megan services updated



          Hope this helps kindly mark this answer as complete or helpful so tht it will help others




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