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    Live Excel Data is not updating

    Tram Le-Nguyen



      I have an Excel document that is joined with another excel document. When the excel document is updated, the changes are not reflected in the workbook in Tableau Server with Live connections, but the changes are reflected in the original workbook in Tableau Desktop.


      This is how I published my workbook.

      Finished making the workbook (all data sources are extracts) -> Server -> Publish Workbook... -> Publish all data sources separately (not Embedded) -> Check Show sheets as tabs, Show selections and Include external files -> Publish


      Tableau server is showing all my data sources to be Live, but I guess they're still not syncing?

      I have tried refreshing several times (Tableau refresh and browser refresh) and nothing is updating.


      I am using:

      Tableau Desktop 2018.1.2

      Tableau Server 2018.1.2