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    TABCMD Error: 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    Leandro Guimaraes


      We have a problem to publish a datasource to a Tableau Server instance outside our corporate network.

      Context: Our network only permits internet access via proxy, with AD authentication. Thus, we need to publish the datasource via proxy.

      The TABCMD has a parameter for proxy (-x, --proxy), but it only takes Host:Port. There's no option to provide proxy authentication to TABCMD.

      The script we're using:


      $tabcmd="C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.1\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe"










      & $tabcmd $cmd $File -n "fonte_teste" -s $server -t $site -x -r $Projeto -u $user -p $pass $cert



      So when we execute the command, it returns the following error:

      tabcmd.exe :   *** 407 Proxy Authentication Required


      Is it possible to pass proxy authentication to tabcmd, or another workaround to this situation?