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    Line graph to show "movement" from one Dimension value to another?

    Dave Dixon

      OK, here is something I want to do but can't figure out exactly how.


      It's sort of a what-if analysis.   Basically we have transactions in Tiers - 0,1,2, etc.   That is a dimension already, and the transactions are lumped into those Tiers by various business rules.  Now, some "hypotheticals" have been put into place and now I have a second dimension of "modified tiers" for the same set of transactions.  They're the same values, but some transactions that were in Tier 1 are now in Tier 3, for instance.


      Right now I can easily show two separate bar graphs next to each other, with the tiers stacked to show the $$$ or the transaction volume, and you can sort of see the "movement" (some of the stack gets proportionally larger while some gets smaller since the stacks are of the same total aggregate figures).


      What I'd like to have instead, is a multiple line graph.


      The Y Axis would be sheer volume (either transaction count or dollars), while on the X axis I would just want one column for "current tiers" and one for "projected tiers".   Then there would be a line from the amount of current Tier X to the modified amount for Tier X (say, 100 of them moved, so old Tier X is 300 while new Tier X is 400.  As a result, maybe Tier Y went down by 100, or two tiers each went down by 50... ).


      Is this even possible? (in T9.3)