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    Sorting when using a parameter to toggle dimension4

    none given

      I have a parameter toggling a dimension but want to have one of those dimensions sorted but the others remain constant.


      In my attached workbook I want the "State" display sorted by sum(sales) but the others (Year and Region) to stay with the default sort.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi None,


          To solve this I created a duplicate sheet (Sales) which is sorted by sum(sales). I then created the worlds easiest calculated field;


          and dropped this onto the filters shelf for each sheet (note the second filter is set to 'exclude' to account for the two available options in your parameter)


          Once this is on a dashboard inside a layout container, I removed the titles so the sheets would swap in and out based on the same parameter - i.e. you have a parameter which is handling both the data to display, and the sheet to display.


          HTH 18.1 attached