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    Show distance in a Map

    Imesh Bandara

      Hi everyone,


      I have 100+ locations in the ocean and 25+ cities on the land (map attached). Cities on the land are major points of this analysis. The ultimate goal is to show the distance from cities (black circles) to locations in the ocean (colored triangles) in any manner. Simply to know how far these triangles are from adjacent main cities.


      First I was planning on  creating buffer zones around each city using some threads but it eventually makes the whole dataset into an enormous number of rows enabling me to work on the viz. I have read some forum articles but did not really helped in my scenario. I am wondering if I can put a circle with 100km for each city. Would that work when zooming in and out options though?

      I am interning at a non-profit and they just bought Tableau on my recommendation. So I must figure out this work for them.