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    Tooltip visual not showing correctly

    Matt McHugh

      Hello All,


      I am attempting to use a tooltip viz for the first time, so please bear with me. I'm having difficulty syncing up my tooltip viz with the rest of my tooltip data (see screenshots). It looks like I can match one of the measures on the dual axis (the tooltip viz) chart, but not both. Is there a fix for this?



      **EDIT: Issues was data source related.




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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Matt,


          I'm not 100% sure what you are looking for. The axis on sheet 1 is right base price along the y and adj pounds along the x, which appears to be flowing through to your viz in tooltip view (adj pounds along the x and right base price along y2). Would you be able to explain in a bit more detail what you are looking for ?



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            Matt McHugh

            Sure, sorry for the confusion. The tooltip viz is showing the data points, but they are not lining up with the actual values. In the 1st view, the current price shows accurately, but the suggested price is not correct. My issue is that I need the points in the viz to match the values in the tooltip text.