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    Can I force a data connection to assign all fields as string data type?

    Chris Panks


      This is how a portion of my data looks. The source fields are all of a numeric data type. Tableau makes some of these string data type, and other numeric. One of my needs is to count non-null values in the [Wisc Dsf] column.  However, there are no null values, because a default value of 0.0 is there (these are all null or empty strings coming from the redcap source).  Since 0.0 is a possibly valid value for that column, I can't exclude from the count based on that value.


      I notice that the string data type columns have blanks.  I can work with that. Is there a way to tell the data connector to make everything a string data type?


      And, unrelated, can I tell the data connector to quit messing with my column headers, and just give them to me as I wrote them in the first place instead of making them so ugly?


      Thank you!