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    Most Recent Week Available - Date Calc needed

    Justin Jarmon

      I am a beginner at Tableau and I'm sure this topic has been discussed numerous times.


      Here's my issue:


      I am creating a dashboard that updates every Thursday afternoon with new data. Since the data is only updating once a week, I would like for the most recent week of data to show until the new data is available.




      The current data available is 7/2/2018 - 7/6/2018, but on Thursday afternoon data for 7/9/2018 - 7/13/2018 will be available.

      This is the current formula I am using. The problem with this formula is I have to change the below weekly. I either change it to -6 or -13, depending on what day of the week it is. I need assistance.

      I have attached my workbook and I am using version 10.5.