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    Restrict access to Tableau Server content based on high level data source


      Wasn't sure how to word this, but the idea is that we'd like to restrict access to content on Tableau Server based on the actual database connection rather than the individual data source.  So, if our reporting server is ABC123 and the database is GreatData, we want to allow Server users to access all content that comes from GreatData with no restrictions.  This as opposed to setting permissions on each individual data source object that resides in GreatData e.g. Views, Stored Procs, Tables. 


      The background is that we've already given a group of users access to GreatData via Active Directory groups, so they can see all of the data there already from Tableau Desktop.  However, now we want to let them see all of the Workbooks published to Tableau Server that are based on that database and that database only.  As far as I know, the only way to do this is to grant them permissions to each individual Workbook, Data Source etc. that is based on data from GreatData.  If we could instead give them permissions to all Workbooks based on GreatData data sources then we would save so much time and energy.


      If the Tableau Server Postgres database stores the high level database info then this would be theoretically possible, right?