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    URL of Tableau Extension when Workbook Published to Server

    Arash Hedayatpour



      I'm beta testing the Tableau Extension API on Tableau 2018.2, and I have a question in relation to the .trex manifest file source-location.


      When I'm developing the extension locally, I use the Node.js http-server serving on localhost, as instructed by the Extension API website, to serve the extension's files. However, I don't know what URL to change this to when I publish the workbook to Tableau Server. localhost doesn't work. Is there some folder on Tableau Server that the extension files (html, css, javascript) can be placed such that the trex file can point to it? Or will I need an entirely different different server to host these files?


      By the way, the server is running pre-release 2018.2 as well.


      Many thanks in advance for anyone's advice on this question.