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    Change Header Names and Column Order in Source (excel) file

    Brodie Zambergs

      Hi all, it seems that there's no native way to remap column headers in Tableau? Similar posts exists e.g. https://community.tableau.com/thread/149719 but the 'solution' I don't believe works (if it does I've mistaken their intent).


      We've recently changed our source data with various inclusions and a natural re-order of column headers including naming. I have a significant amount of calculations and also a complex user-map so am keen to avoid doing a re-work and would simply like to map headers from the old source to new source.


      The crux of the question is if I have a file with say a header of:


      Name | Amount | Date | Username | Removed column


      and it changes to:


      Sum Amount | Customer Name | Username | Purchase Date | Additional column


      How do I rejig it to map? The removed column has no calculated info but wanted to include it for completion unless there were any quirks.