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    Data Blending Error




      Need some help on Data Blending issue !!

      Objective is to find out Customer Conversion% and i have 2 data sets: Customer Visit data and Sales data.
      Customer Conversion%= (# of Customers who made a purchase/ Total Customer visits to the website)


      Distinct count of Orders was taken from Sales data to find out # of Customers who made a purchase

      Sum of Customer visits was taken from Visit data to find out Total Customer visits to the website


      I have attached a twbx file(v2018.1.2) with Sample data.


      First I used only the field: Country to link the 2 data sets. But the results are not correct as we can see from the below snapshot(highlighted in yellow colour).

      eg: Instead of getting the distinct count of orders as 16 for Australia/May 2018, I am getting the wrong count: 1,758


      then i considered Date(Visit date, Sales date) also as the linking field between the 2 data sets. (Country, Date are the 2 common fields available in the data sets)
      But i am getting the below error- " Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation". I came across some posts in the community saying COUTND() can't be used in Data Blending.


      Please let me know if this issue of Tableau Data blending can be sorted out.
      Thanks for the help !!