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    Audit - Users available for N period

    Vasu choudhury



      I am trying to create a dashboard for some Audit purpose dynamically based on the time period selection.


      Parameter: 60 Days, 6 months & 1 Year


      When Selected 60 days from parameter:

      Below dashboard should be displayed..


      Logic to calculate the fields:
      No Group Access: Those who doesn't belong to any of the groups(have All Users).i.e. Left from company, but available in Tableau (Yellow color)

      Logged in <= 60 days:  Users who have logged in for <=60 days(green color)

      Logged in > 60 days: Users who didn't logged in for >60 days(orange color)

      Not logged anytime: Users who has Login At as null values(shown in yellow)

      Action should happen for each bar and relevant values should be displayed in the below sheet.

      And when parameter changed to 6 months/1 year, then relevant data should be displayed.


      Please find the attached sample workbook.


      Appreciate it!