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    Why isn't my filter working as I would expect?

    Guy Nishimoto

      Relatively new to Tableau . . . .Simple Stuff . . . I thought . . .


      I have student records with 2 fields (Here2A and Here2B) that indicate whether or not students are still enrolled in the 2nd semester after they enroll in a program:  1 = they're still here.


      So I sum the contents of Here2A and Here2B, then I divide the sum by the total count of students in each AY (Academic Year).  That gives me a first year persistence rate for the students first enrolled in each AY.


      Everything is working fine.


      But then I want to break out one ethnic group to see what their persistence rate is.


      So I figure . . . Use "Show filter" for Ethnicity.


      And it kind of works except when I filter on "Native Hawaiian . . ."  The numbers for 2014, 2015, and 2016 are fine.


      But in AY 2017, Still Here shows nothing.  (AY 2018 is supposed to be empty because we won't know first year persistence until Fall 2019, which hasn't happened yet.)


      And here's the weird thing.  In the filter, if I check off Filipino and Hawaiian, I get a correct count--19--but if I uncheck Filipino, I get 0.


      What am I doing wrong?