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    Ctrl-A delimiter

    Pyay Aung San

      Hi ,


      Any idea how to split column by "Ctrl-A". My original data set is originally separated by ctrl-A. But when I split by space on Tableau prep, it works but since there are also other spaces in column, there are noises in the columns.

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          Joshua Milligan

          Hi Pyay,


          I fully expected this to be easier than it appears to be.  Worst case, I thought you should be able to import the file using a delimeter not present in the file (such as |) and then manually split the record either using the control character or perhaps replacing the control character with a printable character in a new field with code like this:


          REPLACE([record], CHAR(1), "|")


          But, this does not seem to work as in my test file Tableau Prep simply hangs after creating the above calculation.  I'm thinking that is either a bug or is not supported.  Maybe you'll have better luck.  If so, let me know!  If not, please take a moment to upvote this idea that I just created: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/9025


          Best Regards,


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            Pyay Aung San

            Hey Joshua,


            Thanks for your reply. I was trying to do the same thing - REPLACE([record], CHAR(1), "|") . I even tried with

            REPLACE([record], '\x01', "|") and REPLACE([record], '\^A', "|") and anything I can find on control A delimiter in batch language.


            The issue is we do not know how Tableau supports for special cases like Ctrl-A separator. Oh , I upvoted . Thanks !