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    Remove Duplicated from data Source

    Georgina Hitchcock



      I have duplicates in my data and I want to remove them using a filter at the source, I thought I've done the right thing using the following LOD



      [Id item] = { FIXED [Id item] : MIN([Id item]) }


      being Id Item the unique value but it is not working.


      What am I doing wrong?


      thanks heaps,





      In addition to my earliest post


      There are 102,008 records in the source and 1 is a duplicated record


      1. add a data source filter, an LOD using the unique key as

      [Id item] = { FIXED [Id item]: MIN( [Id item])}



      2. In theory this should remove the duplicated record which it seems it does because the prompt says

      Id Item: keeps 102,007 of 102,007



      3. but, when I run a count of all the items still showing 102,008 items



      So does anyone knows why it is doing this?